Why engage your shoppers?

“85% of consumers say companies could have recognized and rewarded them for doing business with them.” (Accenture)


Give your shoppers offers they will use

“102.5 million people redeemed a digital coupon in 2013.” (eMarketer)



Better utilize your print circular and marketing budget

“Optimizing a store’s circular typically drives 15-25% improvement in item and category lift” (Penfield Benchmarks)



a marketing analytics company focused on powering the shopper experience


to leverage retail shopper data to increase sales


With the shopper at the center of our universe, we use data to drive everything we do for our retailers. Our “big data” solutions give our retailers the ability to understand the ins and outs of shopper behavior.


The core of our business is to provide a valuable and relevant service to you, while keeping your shoppers at the center of the marketing communication effort. Rather than purchasing a piece of technology or software with no personalized support, why not get the whole package?


[ri] is committed to continuously expanding and improving our services and product offering for current and future clients. Partnering with strategic companies allows us to offer more technology and exceptional service to our independent retailers.

what we do

What we do…

Data is at the center of everything we do… We provide services and insight to independent retailers, wholesalers and CPGs to help them measure marketing efficacy, engage their shoppers and provide a conduit to deliver digital offers. Putting the shopper at the center of our universe, we use data to drive each of our solutions. Once we have that data, we are able to understand how shoppers are behaving in a variety of ways.

our solutions

reach | engage: digital marketing solution

Full-service digital solution to engage shoppers with a customized loyalty program and personalized messaging, delivering valuable insight to the retailer.

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reach | offers: digital coupon solution

Paperless digital coupon solution that delivers customer specific, digital coupons direct to your shoppers’ email inboxes every week.

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reach | optimize: print optimization solution

Reporting, analysis and price optimization tool for print advertising, providing print circular efficacy, improved promotional pricing and item & category movement corollary.

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