formerly MBR


MBR Intentional Marketing began as Market Basket Rewards on December 19, 2005 in the continuity business supporting independent grocers. During that time, the company expanded its capabilities to begin collecting data from retailers through proprietary software attached to their point-of-sale system. This software, coupled with a loyalty card, allowed the company to convert its service offering into the digital space. In 2010, the company began migrating customers to digital loyalty programs. Through the analysis of shopper data the company was able to create more relevant marketing promotions delivered via email.

Through a combination of an ownership change, more advanced technology solutions and improved practices and processes, MBR is changing once again. The current solution offers an even greater focus on data analysis and has migrated from loyalty to shopper engagement. The service offerings have expanded and are now becoming a greater part of the overall shopper strategy for independent retailers.

This next iteration of the company is such a material shift in its DNA that it has been decided it is time to re-brand. As of February 2013, MBR Intentional Marketing will become reach | influence. This new brand is more descriptive of who the company is today and where the company is headed for the future.