Retail analytics firm ‘reach | influence’ has recently relocated their corporate headquarters to the Madison Building in Detroit, MI, the epicenter of Detroit’s thriving technology scene.

“We are excited to be part of what is happening in Detroit. The vision, passion and energy are contagious and will help our company continue to grow,” said ‘reach | influence’ CEO Eric Green. “Everyone in the city is full of determination, grit and tenacity; characteristics proudly at the foundation of the reach | influence culture.”
Rich Helppie, ‘reach | influence’ Board Chairman and Managing Partner of Vineyard Capital Group stated, “As Detroit-area natives we always wanted to play a role in the reviving central city. The beauty of this move is that Detroit is the best place for a fast-growth company like ‘reach | influence’ to bring together a client centric organization, local capital investment and an operating culture that will foster the company’s future success.”
‘reach I influence’ will add to the growing list of companies setting up shop in the Madison Block, which in just four years has grown from one building with a handful of startups downtown to a full city block including six buildings occupied by more than 100 companies and nearly 500 tech workers.
“Confidence in downtown Detroit’s technology scene is confirmed by the growing number of tech companies who have chosen to move to or start in the city’s urban core,” said DVP CEO Brian Hermelin. “reach I influence will not only be a strong addition to our portfolio, but a strong addition to the growing community of innovators that have chosen Detroit as their home.”

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