Data Analysis, Marketing, and Design

what we do

We use data and insight to engage customers through digital promotions and rewards.

Daily transaction data is collected, enabling us to understand how shoppers are behaving in a variety of ways. This insight allows our team to personalize the shopper experience, delivering the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT SHOPPER at the RIGHT TIME.


reach | influence believes the following to be foundational tenants to a successful
marketing and merchandising program:


• Promotions, especially when created using shopper data, encourage shoppers to spend more of their wallet with our retailers

• Digitally based promotions will continue to be a growing share of CPG marketing dollars


• One-to-one shopper messaging drives loyal behavior by incentivizing shopper with deals for grocery items they want most

• Digital messaging continues to grow as shoppers look for easier, seamless ways to take advantage of promotions


• A single source to deliver and measure promotions to all shopper channels drives more efficient marketing and merchandising


• Leveraging digital promotional tools allows for real measure of efficacy and sales impact for the retailer

• Using a digital medium and integrated promotional tools allows total visibility into campaign success


• Visualization-based reporting tools allow retailers to see marketing, program and store metrics across entire chain


• Reduces need to add resources and leverage expertise from a team running over 100 retailer digital programs

• No need to experiment or start from scratch

Solution Foundation

The foundation of all of our solutions begins with the collection, transformation and analyzing of data. Through a collaborative and strategic action plan, we then measure results and calibrate as needed to create the best outcome for retailers and their shoppers. In turn, this process provides the valuable insight that allows our clients to be successful, and profitable.