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Shopper Engagement vs. Loyalty

Loyalty is an earned behavior, not a packaged program. A shopper engagement program goes beyond traditional loyalty functions. We focus on shopper insight and develop a configured program managed by our team of experts.


69% of shoppers say choice of retailer is influenced by where they can earn customer loyalty/rewards program points.



81% of consumers are more likely to make additional purchases as a result of targeted emails.

(Harris Interactive)


55% of consumers say ease of redeeming rewards is most important in a loyalty program.



94% of members want to receive communications from their loyalty programs.


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Our Process

  • Full company discovery including store attributes, technology, marketing & design and goals/objectives
  • Establish loyalty functions and program details through a collaboration with store employees and management team
  • Technical implementation, configuration and testing, design of support materials, training docs and microsite
  • In-store training, set-up POS materials, employee & shopper launches and messaging activated
  • Continued monitoring, reporting and calibration of messaging throughout the life of the program

reach | exchange™

[ri]’s custom transaction log data collection platform and cloud-based storage technology

Functions & Services

Configured program with a dedicated program manager. Available functions: Digital Coupons, Targeted Emails, Custom Digital Offers, Club Programs, Community Rewards

Real Time E-Wallet Platform

Load to E-Wallet functionality with access to national CPG content. Offer Management Tool includes performance monitoring and permission-based digital coupon approval process


Segmentation analysis performed for RFM/Basket & Frequency, Department Level and Item/Category and is applied to on-going marketing strategy and messaging schedule


Multi-level reporting including program-level details, messaging performance and offer performance is delivered on a regular cadence to retailer/client

Microsite / Landing Page

Shopper homepage (mobile-enabled microsite) designed to compliment existing retailer website – handles shopper registration & account information throughout duration of membership (includes technical build, design and content structure)


Detailed training documents provided for store readiness – additional in-person training session(s) available for the trainer

Shopper Management Tool

Web application tool to help retailers maintain superior customer service including: shopper info & E-Wallet, trip history & baskets and shopper / customer service interaction

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