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personalized messaging…

Personalized digital messages are sent directly to a shopper through weekly campaigns of coupons & offers, providing measureable results of an effective digital marketing strategy.


85% of shoppers prefer personalized digital offers based on previous purchases.



65% of shoppers want coupons emailed to them and for products they normally buy.


66 million digital offers were redeemed industry-wide in 2013.



44% of shoppers are spending $25 to $50 more than expected when having digital coupons.


reach | exchange™

[ri]’s custom transaction log data collection platform and cloud-based storage technology

Marketing Launch Kit

In-store marketing materials to bring awareness to new program

Email Templates

Retailer-branded weekly email and welcome email templates complete with a like to retailer’s circular ad

Website Ad

Call to action for prominent placement on retailer homepage – links to program registration page

Registration Portal

Retailer-branded registration page for individual shoppers to register and create their free E-Wallet

Retailer / Cashier Training

Support guides, cashier scripts and available one-on-one training to set retailer and cashiers up for success

Shopper Management Tool

Web application tool to help retailers maintain superior customer service including: shopper info & E-Wallet, trip history & baskets and shopper / customer service interaction

Weekly Report

Retailer is emailed a weekly report with stats and trends for registered shoppers, registered purchases, email & coupon metrics and basket data

Message Schedule

Weekly digital coupon selection email sent to shoppers using pre-determined marketing schedule


Real Time E-Wallet Platform

Load to E-Wallet functionality with access to national CPG content. Offer Management Tool includes performance monitoring and permission-based digital coupon approval process

personalized digital offers