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Bringing measurement to your print advertising is critical to making every dollar work harder. By using transaction data to measure the impact of the feature and promotion, retailers are enabled to select better products and deliver more compelling values to drive shoppers to their stores.

But the analyses go deeper… It’s critical to understand the impacts on the featured products as well as the other products in the category so that retailers know which promotions are trading volume between products and which are driving incremental shopper trips to their store.


75% of marketing budgets are dedicated to print in grocery retailer spend.

(reach | influence Client Benchmarks)


19% Average ROI improvement in circular performance in year 1 of print optimization.

(Penfield Historical Results)


71% Average unit lift on featured products in the circular.

(reach | optimize Benchmarks)


Answer the following questions:

What is the total ROI of the circular Products?

Which featured items drove the highest lift?

How much of your lift came at the expense of the category’s sales?


reach | optimize uses cutting edge analytic approaches to determine the expected performance of the featured items, accounting for recent and long-term product trends, prior price discounting, seasonality, and more.


Analytic results that show the product performance in units, sales, and margin, as well as the category unit and sales volumes. reach | optimize analysts also prepare a short summary of key performance notes, whether positive or negative to give retailers the biggest insights. The weekly dashboard is delivered via standard web tools and contains all prior history for comparison and trending purposes.

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