we are your partner

The core of our business is to provide a valuable and relevant service to you, while keeping your shoppers at the center of the marketing communication effort. Rather than purchasing a piece of technology or software with no personalized support, why not get the whole package? Our full package and services on average cost less than employing an hourly bagger in your store!

We are leadership + business: Our executive team is a powerhouse of entrepreneurial energy and expertise. With over 50 years of proven business leadership backed by operations, finance, and software technology, they are pioneering the path for independent retailers to gain knowledge on how to provide an all-encompassing shopper experience. Their noteworthy background of experience from Apple, Citigroup, and the United States Navy has developed the foundation for thoughtful leadership and exquisite execution of commitment and communication.

We are technology + analytics:
Over 25 years of advanced technological architecture experience; including advanced data analysis, program engineering, pricing analytics, competitive intelligence and database/software architecture. Our IT and analytic experts maintain and report extensive transaction log information daily to our clients. This also provides new information and insightful industry metrics on shopper behavior, which is aimed to drive growth and power to the independent grocer.

We are marketing + design:
A dynamic team with over 35 years experience in email marketing & best practices, print and web design, social media, environmental design, merchandising, corporate branding & packaging and visitor experience. This diverse breadth allows for comprehensive branding and program plans that produce constant and recurring engagement. The depth of this experience comes out of the team’s background from companies such as Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc., Mars Advertising & Palace Sports & Entertainment.

We are platform delivery + client experience:
30+ years of experience in retail, media and independent business including Neiman’s Family Market, Target, AG World Media and PNC, as well as small business ownership and franchisee relations. Passionate advocates of clients’ voice, cultivating their relationship with each shopper through clear communication of program development and reports. Our one-on-one approach between each platform delivery / program manager and the client gives our solution the edge it needs and is the key to our retailers’ success.

We are business development + sales:
30 years in the retail and hospitality industry where maniacal attention to detail, flawless execution, and anticipation of customer needs make for a legendary shopper experience. The team’s strategic approach to generating thoughtful and thorough presentations on how we empower the independent retailer through gathering & analyzing shopper data, is fueled by their experience in fields from LevelEleven, Hagemeyer North America and Starbucks. Strong account management, CRM, and retail loyalty knowledge drives our reach into the independent retail industry.