bethany matthews - platform delivery manager



bethany matthews – platform delivery manager

d: 586.709.8773

started with [ri]:
January 2015

current role:
Helping companies grow their business by giving them the ability to communicate with customers in a new way.

best thing about my job:
Successful campaigns and retailers who are excited about data.

true shopper engagement is:
Providing individual shoppers with information that is important to them.

my best shopping experience:
Anytime I get something for 40%+ off

Quilting, photography, cooking, working out, spending time with family (if you consider that a hobby), movie watching, and reading.

if i had a super power:
I would be able to move objects with my mind.

favorite movie quote:
“Watch out, the yellow ones don’t stop!” – Elf

“There’s no crying in baseball!” – A League of Their Own

favorite used expression:
I know right!

preferred caffeine / energy source:
Coffee with flavored creamer