cole torres

cole torres – lead programmer

m: 586.405.6402

started with [ri]:
April 2010

current role:
IT extraordinaire

best thing about my job:
Helping David beat Goliath.

true shopper engagement is:
Giving shoppers no other logical choice but to choose your products and/or services … “Well I’d be dumb not to”

my best shopping experience:
Addicted to technology and gadgets, so enjoy stores like Best Buy and Micro Center.

Sports, video games, comics.

if i had a super power:
No powers necessary. Just an endless supply of money so I can be Batman.

favorite movie quote:
“Obviously you’re not a golfer.” The Dude, The Big Lebowski

favorite used expression:
“It’s only logical.”

preferred caffeine / energy source:
Mountain Dew.