eric green


eric green – chief executive officer

m: 415.994.2594;

started with [ri]:
Joined in current role on June 18, 2012, but have been working with the team over the past couple of years understanding the business and industry.

Encourage Dennis.

best thing about my job:
Helping teams in ordinary situations achieve extraordinary results – plus I get to communicate in Excel.

Educated as an engineer, disciplined as a military officer, learning as a private equity / venture capital investor . . . now combining all three experiences. Click here for more info.

My desire is to have a calling card that reads “Sportsman” (golf, squash, tennis, dominoes, skiing)

favorite store / shopping experience:
Thomas Pink, 85 Jermyn Street, London – I love emulating the Euro-hipster style and no better place than in the heart of London.

if i had a super power:
Telepathy, so I think.

favorite movie quote:
“Every man dies, not every man really lives.” – William Wallace, Braveheart