From time to time we are fortunate enough to receive words of encouragement from our clients. We thank you for sharing your experience with reach | influence and encourage all of our clients to share theirs as well!

Independents have the ability and freedom to drive their own business and take control, but if you rely on someone else to do that, you may not be around for very long. It’s a true commitment and is the opportunity for you to take control of your business and ultimately, drive success…and reach | influence is just the partner to help.

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Steve Cleveland

Elk County Foods

I strongly urge fellow supermarket owners to look into this program (reach | offers) Call me anytime if you have questions. reach | influence continues to be a remarkable resource!


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Hal Neiman

Neiman's Family Market

reach | influence has been a pleasure to work with. Having the ability to offer an automated and customizable coupon program to our customers is a huge asset. It’s one more weapon to aid us in our battle against the big box stores and chains.

Kevin Young

Village Market



The results of this study have been collected from the results of Shopper Surveys regarding the shoppers current rewards program.

We asked shoppers the question “Do you use your rewards card? This is how they responded:
  • YES 83.52%
  • NO 16.48%
When asked “Have you received and do you use emails sent to you by your store?” they said:
  • Yes, keep them coming! 97.1%
  • Fair / Used sometimes 1.21%
  • Have not used emails sent. 1.78%
When asked “Which rewards / offers would you like to continue to see?” Shoppers said they would like to see more:


Product Offers


Department Offers


Store Gift Cards


Shopper Clubs

When asked to rate their rewards program overall they told us:
  • The program is great! / Yes, I am satisfied 44.62%
  • The program is good 41.95%
  • The program needs improvement / No, I am not satisfied 13.43%